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Ubiflow conquers more markets

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French vendor enters job boards, plans to expand


Ubiflow is a French technology provider helping the classified industry including the country’s leading sites and boost visibility and automate data feeds. Ubiflow started as a vendor for property and auto portals, and has recently engaged in working with the job boards on vacancy multi-diffusion and candidate skills assessment and selection.

Services to classified sites

 Ubiflow started working with property portals as early as 2002 and with used car portals in 2007. It also works with boat portals, horizontal classified sites and local search online directories such as Google+ local, Yelp and TomTom.

Data feeds differ in the auto and in the property segment. In the car segment catalogue is limited, while every piece of property is unique, and the catalogue is virtually unlimited, and data feeds require constant attention to new terms and location precision, international business developer Samuel Papon told AIM Group.

In France, Ubiflow focuses on professional advertisers helping classified sites achieve data feed automation directly from their customersCRM or software. Here it is compatible with 99 percent of IT solutions on the market, Papon told the AIM Group. “You press a button and send a volume of data directly to a galaxy of portals,” he added.

Ubiflow has seven engineers working on the software development, and also has a center dedicated to customer support. The total staff recently reached 40. The company was started by an online entrepreneur Antoine Krier who recently launched another company, Podbox, which provides data synchronization in the cloud. 

Ubiflow has a special agreement with LeBonCoin, being outsourced as a company with exclusive rights to provide it with all technical and customer service-related work pertaining to data feeds. “LeBonCoin is a company with a relatively small staff yet big business. It has huge audience of advertisers, and it would be hard to manually upload every ad,” said Papon.

In addition, Ubiflow has an agreement with the country’s leading car portal for professionals,, but it’s of a different kind than with LeBonCoin. “We fulfill tech work to retrieve agents, but only some, the ones LaCentrale chooses, as it has its own data feed system.” For LaCentrale, Ubiflow manages data feeds for all car dealers that cannot be retrieved automatically.

Vacancy multi-diffusion

Late last year,Ubiflow launched its job multi-posting solution. The ads now go to France’s leading eleven portals: l’Apec, Cadremploi, Cadreo, Indeed, Jobijoba, Keljob, Ouest-France, RegionsJob, StepStone, Studyrama and Viadeo. Soon they will also be multicast to LinkedIn, Vivastreet, Meteojob, Jobintree, Geojobs, Centremploi, JobTeaser,iQuesta and HandiQuesta.

This month, Ubiflow engaged in a new market initiative in e-recruitment space. Together with Scoring Line it now provides jobboards and recruiters with a technological solution that simultaneously distributes job offers and tracks candidate qualifications.

Prices range from €35 to €280 for multicasting jobs to a group of sites ranging from five to fifty,according to a French edition Exclusive RH.

Four months after the launch of its job multicast solution, Ubiflow started working with Scoring Line in in skills assessment. The two companies developed a joint offer that is built around the slogan, « Broadcast, filter,select and recruit 2.0. »

When recruiters add a vacancy they can, by pressing a button called screening, incorporate a link in their ad that would refer candidate sto a form that would allow them to evaluate their skills based on scoring method, marketing director François Cormier told Exclusive RH.

Launched a year ago,this tool assesses a candidate’s understanding of the company, as well as experience level, mobility and other factors. The tool allows recruiters to collect information they need to make a first selection and score the application.

International expansion

As part of the expansion, Ubiflow plans to offer its data-feed management and customer care to online classifieds platforms and groups outside France.Ubiflow is fully compatible with the French online ecosystem, but that is not the case elsewhere. Therefore,the company plans to achieve such compatibility in a certain group of countries. The first layer is a short term plan through 2017 and it consists of compatibility in European countries including Spain, Italy, Benelux and the UK. The longer-term strategy includes emerging markets in Latin America and Southeast Asia.

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